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Growing Your Business With Expert & Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Teams

Teams start at JUST $8/Hour
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Accelerate Your Marketing

We help everyone from entrepreneurs to enterprises by providing high quality marketing teams, at an AFFORDABLE hourly rate. 
Our main goal is to leverage industry specific marketing programs, along with our outsourcing expertise, to grow your business while you focus on running it.

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Our 3-Step Process

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Step 1 - Onboarding

During your initial consultation, we'll identify the marketing efforts your business is in need of. Then, we'll craft your dedicated team to best fit your marketing plan.

Step 2 - Execution

We'll begin the execution of your industry-specific marketing program, and keep you updated on the progress made each and every week.

Step 3 - Be Stress Free

With our unlimited customer support, you'll never have to worry about your marketing efforts not generating the results you DESERVE!

Our Teams Provide

Traditional Solutions for just a FRACTION of the cost...

Skyrocket brand growth by getting your message to the right audience with the right platforms. Our teams can manage -
 Social Media ✦ Graphic Design ✦ Editing 
Blogging ✦  Branding
 Social Media ✦ Graphic Design ✦ Editing 
Blogging ✦  Branding
Significantly increase the revenue your driving from online efforts. Our teams can manage -
Paid Ads (FB, IG, YouTube, etc.) ✦ SEO 
Email Marketing ✦ Direct Messaging ✦ Job Posting ✦ Appointment Setting 
Let our experts optimize your online presence to get the highest converting pages possible. Our teams can manage -
Web Design ✦ Funnel Design ✦ Maintenance (Updates, Integrations, Automations) ✦ Copywriting

Us vs "The Other Guys"

Digital Work Life

Marketing Agencies & The Freelance Market

  Lack Transparency

  Rates are expensive

  Quality Assurance Varies


In-House Employees or Departments

  Extremely Costly & Inefficient

  Hard to Scale

  Lengthy Process to Develop

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HR Creation

  Completely Transparent

 ✦ Affordable & Effective

 ✦ Get Started Right Away

  Quality Assurance Practices In Place


How quickly can I get started?

We can start planning & executing on your marketing needs right away. Onboarding for individuals and small teams typically begins within 48 hours. Larger teams start according to an agreed upon timeline.

What hours do teams work?

9:00am – 6:00pm Monday through Friday, per US and UK time zones, exempting federal holidays. Extended weekday and weekend hours may be arranged on a customized basis.

How do I provide all of my log-ins and other secure info?

We use a suite of technology and management best practices to securely enable login sharing between your business and HR Creation.

Will my team know how to use my tools?

Yes. If your team has not used your particular tools, our training staff will support them in learning it, so you don’t need to spend time training.

Why Our Clients Love HR Creation Teams

Highly Recommend HR Creation, if you’re looking to explode your business. You should consider thier services!! 5 Star Results"

Michael Pearson, Sales Manager at Vivint

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