Social Media Marketing

Work with us to significantly skyrocket your brand growth through organic methods or just offload your current SMM operations.


  • Get a Significant & Consistent Increase In Your Audience & Engagement

  • Generate Leads Through Your Social Media Platforms

  • Social Media Content Strategy Including 2-3 Posts Per Week

  • Social Media Monetization Plan to Increase Income Streams and Total Revenue For You and/or Your Business

  • Brand Positioning & Strategy consulting

  • Weekly Growth Insights

  • Monthly Audience Feedback Reports


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Vivint Sales Manager - Dallas, TX


Consistent & Exponential Increase in Brand Awareness/Engagement

With our ability to reach out to higher numbers of prospects and more consistently, you'll naturally see a significant increase in the above metrics.

Consistent & Qualified Leads to Use at Your Disposal

During your consultation, we will guarantee a certain quantity of leads, in a given timeframe, based on your individual case.

Social Media Content Strategy

During the onboarding process we’ll work with you to produce a winning content strategy. Of which will include the key components for virality and generating brand awareness/leads from social media.

Social Media Monetization Plan

During the onboarding process we’ll work with you to produce a social media monetization strategy. This could be adding more sales to your current business or opening up a whole new revenue stream.

Brand Positioning & Strategy Consulting

During your weekly progress calls, our project developer will consult with you on your brand positioning & strategy. Making sure it aligns with your lead flow efforts.

Weekly Lead Progress Reports

Every week you'll be sent an email report on your lead flow metrics.

Monthly Audience Feedback Reports

At the end of every month, we'll send an audience feedback report. Detailing the specifics on your project from target audience to value offer to conversions.


What You'll Get

Project Developer

This individual will be highly skilled in marketing & sales operations, assuring your project is developed to the upmost quality!

Dedicated Project Manager

  • Better service

  • Faster service, less knowledge transfer

  • More value per minute, less knowledge transfer

  • Ability to put in complicated requests over the phone

  • A proactive approach to identify and remove your headaches

Custom Billing Options

We can customize our billing procedure to whatever you need for taxes, internal reporting, etc.


Past Projects

From Entrepreneurs to Enterprises


Cumulus Media

Highlights include overseeing and securing promotional deals with all 5 of Cumulus Tallahassee's radio stations. These promotional deals included, but weren't limited to the following companies... Universal, Wild Adventures, Florida State University, Florida A & M University, and many more!

FFL 2.png

Family First Life

From social media to daily marketing responsibilities.. we've helped FFL Offices exponentially increase the revenue & leads coming from their social pages


Flag Collab

We managed to automate Flag Collab's current social media systems, bringing him to average over 1 sale per day in just a couple weeks.