Custom Outsourcing Solutions As Low As $7.00/Hr

Lead Flow

We Systemize & Offload Your Prospecting/Lead Generation Efforts to Create You and/or Your Employees More Time For Tasks With a Higher ROI


  • Source/Prospect ANY Target Audience

  • Go Above & Beyond In Recording & Tracking Lead Data

  • Consistent & Exponential Increase in Your Brand Awareness and Engagement

  • Consistent & Qualified Leads to Use At Your Disposal

  • Brand Positioning & Strategy Consulting

  • Weekly Lead Progress Reports

  • Monthly Audience Feedback Reports

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Social Media Marketing

Work with us to significantly skyrocket your brand growth through organic methods or just offload your current SMM operations.


  • Rapidly Grow Brand Awareness

  • Get a Significant & Consistent Increase In Your Audience & Engagement

  • Social Media Content Strategy Including 2-3 Posts Per Week

  • Social Media Monetization Plan to Increase Income Streams and Total Revenue For You and/or Your Business

  • Weekly Growth Insights

  • Monthly Audience Feedback Reports


Website & Sales Funnel Design

With in-person sales dwindling, it’s imperative to have a platform where you can convert an online presence


  • Market research performed on best converting and designed websites in your niche; Take note of best components from each and tweak to fit your needs/brand

  • High quality designed website tested for for user interface and user experience

  • Efficient and timely process, keeping things transparent and you informed throughout the project’s entirety

  • Basic SEO covered to get your business listed and found on google

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Why Choose Us?

Brown and Orange Neutral Delicate Organi


How quickly can I get started?

We can start scoping your needs right away. Onboarding for individuals and small teams typically begins within 48 hours. Larger teams start according to an agreed upon timeline.

What hours do assistants work?

9:00am – 6:00pm Monday through Friday, per US and UK time zones, exempting federal holidays. Extended weekday and weekend hours may be arranged on a customized basis.

How do I provide all of my log-ins and other secure info?

We use a suite of technology and management best practices to securely enable login sharing between your business and HR Creation.

Will my assistant know how to use my tools?

Yes. If your assistant has not used your particular tools, our training staff will support them in learning it, so you don’t need to spend time training.

How Do We Vet Job Seekers To Find Your Perfect Match?

We leverage a proprietary selection criteria and multi-step process to vet assistants and find the best match for each of our clients. This process includes an in-depth questionnaire, live interview, and screening call with the applicants.